Review | Tangle Teezer (Original)

Yes, I know. I’m really late on the bandwagon when it comes to this hair tool. I’m like, years late. This is yet another thing that was sitting in my Amazon basket for months and months. I think it was because I didn’t really think it would do anything for my type of hair. I’ve only seen people with looser textures using this and saying it was amazing. I guess that’s more of a reason to try it, to maybe help someone else that was thinking like me, hehe. When I ordered this Tangle Teezer, I decided to get it in panther black because: You can never really get bored of black, I don’t think I saw a purple one that was just purple, and black is awesome. I bought the original (they have different versions for different things, so I got overwhelmed and decided to just go with this one). Ok, let’s get into what happened when I used this, and whether it actually teased the tangles out of my hair. Firstly, my hair is the meaning of the word tangle, so I made sure that I used this in small sections, otherwise it probably wouldn’t work so well. It did get my tangles out but it does take a little longer to use than a wide tooth comb. However, I do love the way it feels on the nape of my neck and upwards – it’s quite a soothing and gentle feeling brush. It works fine on the looser textures of my hair (front and back) but especially for the middle, it takes just a little longer than it would with a wide tooth comb.

I think this is new because I didn’t see it before, but there IS a version of this brush for people with naturally thicker hair (here). I will probably get this as well, to see if it will perform even better, which it probably will; it says this version is stronger and has longer teeth, so it does sound promising. You can only get it in one colour at the moment, which is a bit annoying – they’re probably seeing how many sales it gets before investing in creating different ones. Thank goodness it isn’t pink*, hehe. When I get that one, I’ll do a review on it as well to let you know if there is a big difference.

*I’m not a big fan of pink.


2 thoughts on “Review | Tangle Teezer (Original)

  1. Danibella says:

    I still haven’t tried the Tangle Teezer. You’re right, there are so many different versions of it. I watched a review a few years ago and actually, if anyone cannot get hold of one, or doesn’t want to spend money on one, YouTuber, Toni Daley compared the Tangle Teezer to a dog brush that she got at the pet store, because the Teezer is actually the same design as a dog’s brush, lol.



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