Finding Illustrators // Irina Kruglova

Chicago-based graphic designer and illustrator Irina Kruglova is renowned for her striking, colourful illustrations that focus on minimalism and precision, inspired by modern culture, nature and simple objects that offer appealing patterns and textures.

After focusing on graphic design for over a decade, she decided to pursue the path of illustration, creating richly coloured vector artworks that place a huge emphasis on simple shapes and lines. Speaking of her inspirations, she said: “I love to peer at things around me. Some may think I’m a weirdo or a creep when I can’t take my eyes off a person or object. But in fact I’m not, it’s just the way I observe the world around me.” –

I wasn’t actually looking for an illustrator when I found Irina’s work. I was reading a blog post about the top 10 books for illustration. Then I ended up reading this. I was thinking about putting the Finding Illustrators series to bed (because they don’t get a great response yet – which is bad because it shouldn’t always be about response but that’s another blog post) but I had to bring it up again for this illustrator. Before I continued to type this blog post, I emailed Irina just to make sure she was all right with me using some of her work for my blog post. I got her permission, yay! Her work is minimalistic but so striking at the same time. I love the colour blocking that she uses and her work, to me, is an example of illustrating with confidence.

Find her Instagram here.




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