God & I

Happy Friday and happy May! It is definitely time for a thoughts post. Well, I have been trying to put up a post on watercolours that I bought, but technical issues (I won’t bore you with the details) are not allowing me to at the moment, as mentioned on Twitter. Hey, everything happens for a reason; perhaps I’m meant to post this instead…

Things were rocky between God and I last year. I doubted that He could help me through terrible things I was experiencing. I would cry out to Him and everything seemed so foggy. It seemed as though He wasn’t listening to me. As a Christian, this is like one of the worst seasons you can go through – thinking God can’t hear. It’s funny because He’s the One that made our ears in the first place. He INVENTED the human ear. I digress. A lot of you out there reading this blog post may not believe in God. The thing is, I can’t not type about Him; He’s the reason I’m still alive. Forget popularity! Maybe you’re reading this right now, and you used to believe in God. But you feel like He didn’t get back to you about something. His time is ALWAYS the best time. It may not have seemed so, but through holding on I’ve really seen God move in my life. His thoughts are much higher than ours. Sometimes we think we know what is best for us, but this is simply not always the case. I want to be able to share thoughts and maybe help someone out there. I made a decision that this isn’t going to be a blog where I’m trying to do what everyone else is doing. This is my blog and I’m not going to be ashamed to speak openly about God and what He’s done for me. How will people know if we keep our faith to ourselves, eh?

I’m currently working on a massive illustration project. I’m excited because it’s a project that I know is going to glorify God. It’s all about Him and how we all have different stories, but He can come along no matter what situations we find ourselves in. It’s going to be an illustrative book that I can keep as a portfolio and give out to friends and family. It won’t be for sale unless people show interest, in which case I will consider that. I’m also doing a clean-out here on my blog. I know it’s good to see where you’ve come from, but certain posts have been a bit…pointless, can I say? Random drawings that didn’t really have any meaning and things I just threw up out of laziness with the blog ( 🙂 we’ve all been there). I know I say Monday and Friday strictly at 3pm for posts, but if nothing in my drafts has substance, I won’t be putting things up. I would also like to take this chance to say a big THANK YOU to all my faithful readers. I am truly grateful.




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