KOI Watercolors

I finally did it! I went and bought KOI Watercolours… or Watercolors if you’re American, right? Well, the actual packaging says ‘Watercolor’ so I should really use that spelling…Anyway, these were recommended to me by one of my favourite illustrators Sharee Miller. I was so happy when she told me what she uses because her illustrations are so vibrant and the quality of what she uses always looks amazing. Ever since then, the order was sitting in ‘save for later’ on Amazon for ages. Then one day I thought to myself, “Tolu, come on. How long has it been? Put those felt tips down and try decent watercolours.” I will always love felt tips, because everyone has to be unique right? But it’s healthy to try new things, as I’m still working on defining my signature style. I feel like it lacks detail, which is something I don’t like at the moment. Also, the felt tips that I use, are waterbased (forgive me illustration experts) and so if I’m not careful and use the wrong paper, they bleed through and also don’t blend how I would like them to. In the same order, I also went ahead and bought a Moleskine watercolour book, just to subtract the possibility of having issues with colours bleeding and whatever else you can run into when you use the wrong materials…

KOI Watercolours

These watercolours are indeed incredible. Pigmented, vibrant and easy to work with. They came with a waterbrush, and usually whenever things come with brushes, you think it won’t be good or useful at all. However, I actually love this brush. It’s perfect for what I need at the moment. It’s a WATER brush, meaning I don’t have to think about carrying a separate pot of water around, I just fill it up and get to work. I have also bought a brush with a smaller point, for variation and outlines.



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