Eve In Distress

One day, I was thinking to myself – what the heck am I going to draw today? I guess I had scribbler’s block or something. Then I remembered – there are SO many things that you can pull out from the Bible and make into an illustration. I think I’m going to focus on… rebellious characters I guess. People that did things their own way instead of God’s. I want to show the misery that can come out from doing that. This week I almost gave up using my watercolours but I’m so glad I persevered; you get SO much more detail. I’ve been learning a lot like how much water to use and getting used to mixing colours together to get the right tones. I wanted Eve to have a tanned look and I’m happy with the way the colour turned out. Now that I’m thinking about it, it would have been interesting to do two version of this – one with pens and one with watercolours. I’m looking into buying some Copic markers (basically the best brand for illustrators) and I can’t wait to do a review on them and start using those too. I decided not to include Adam in the drawing, simply because I wanted to concentration to be on Eve and her distress. Hope you like it!


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