Pigma Micron Liners

These are all of the Pigma Micron liners (by Sakura) that I own. Firstly, all my black ones came in the same pack, and I really like them! I have nib sizes from 005 to 08, excluding 04. I saw them floating around so I figured they must be good – quite a few illustrators seem to use these. Now I know why – they glide very easily across paper and over my watercolours, which is definitely a plus. I find that my usual liner – the Pilot G-Tec-C4, tends to get faint when going over certain textures. I still use it and like it, but that’s just one annoying thing about it. I decided I would also need a brown one, for more of a subtle approach with certain lining. I bought it from Amazon and it came the next day, which I wasn’t really expecting to be honest. It’s a lovely chocolate brown, that isn’t too dark, which I like. 

I’m happy that my illustrative collection is growing nicely. I recently ordered the Winsor & Newton Brush Markers and they’re coming in about a week! I got all except for the pastel range, simply because the only ones I would use, already appear in the other packs. They are much more affordable than Copics (which I will get one day when I can justify it) and apparently the ink is better quality. I will be doing a full review here on these once I use them all properly.


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