Creative Block

Yeah. I’m still alive guys. I’ve had…probably the longest case of creative block (in most ways) that I’ve ever had. That obviously includes my blog, and other projects that I have under my sleeve. It’s not an enjoyable thing at all. Knowing that you have so much to achieve and yet feeling so uninspired. The equivalent of being trapped in a cage, lol. 

That ends now. Here are some tips that I’ve taken on board, that may help you as well if you’re trying to recover from the dreaded creative block.

  1. To be honest, the main thing that encourages my creativity, is God. He’s the reason why I am creative in the first place. When I’m closer to Him, that’s when I am the most creative. That’s the reason I’m actually typing this blog post up today – my relationship with God is a lot stronger, due to consistently speaking to Him. IT FEELS GOOD 🙂
  2. Pinterest. Haha. The fact that it went from God to Pinterest makes me chuckle. It helps so much. There are thousands of boards to discover, that can help unleash ideas and provoke good thoughts. For my illustration, I actually made a board called ‘Creative Block’ that I ‘run’ to when I feel like I have no ideas.
  3. Speaking to people. I find that when I’m talking to close friends, they often say things that inspire me. It’s good not to keep yourself to yourself all the time. Two or more brains are so much better than one. Speak to your friends and share your projects/thoughts with them. You never know how much their input could help you.
  4. Do something! Doing nothing will always be worse. Even if I draw/write something that I know may be rubbish, because I’m in a creative rut, at least I’m doing SOMETHING and keeping my brain alive. Keep your brain alive people!
  5. If you have a blog, redesign it. I did this to mine a little while ago and it really did help for a while. It refereshes everything and makes you want to be productive. If you don’t have a blog – try redecorating or simply tidying your work space. It will make a difference!


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