Unroll.Me – App

This post may come as a little shock but I am indeed a bit of a tech-geek. I like finding new formulas on Excel that make my life easy. If a news column on something tech-y grabs my attention and looks interesting, I’m reading away and the information gets stored away in my head. I like to read specifications for new phones and other devices and I’m pretty good with some of the terminology. I’m rambling now…

The fact that I’m making a blog post about this shows it must be good.

Do you ever wish your inbox wasn’t so packed with subscriptions that you NEVER actually read?! It’s quite an annoying task having to go through each email, desperately searching for that TINY ‘Unsubscribe’ button. This app means you don’t have to do that. Once you log in with the email address you’re having issues with, it looks for all your subscriptions and lets you unsubscribe WITH A SWIPE. Yes – WITH A SWIPE!

This app has truly made my life so much easier and my inboxes have lost soooo much weight. Check it out here!



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