Me wearing lipstick for the second time in 2016. In America (post on that trip soon!)

Happy New Year Readers!

Most bloggers do these sort of posts around this time of the year. So, I didn’t want to just post a resolution cliché post for the sake of it. I wanted to really think about it (the reason why it didn’t go up on New Year’s Eve or Day). 

I’ve learned SO many things last year. Not just about life but about myself. This isn’t your typical New Year resolution post (if it is then I’m sorry) where I’m going to type a list of unrealistic things that I know deep down I won’t realistically be able to do as much as I think I can. That either sounded really pessimistic or sensible and I’m really not sure which one…Anyway, I will either be applying these things now, or I learned about them in 2016 AND I will be carrying  into 2017. 

  • I completely accept that I am Tolu. I’m not supposed to be turning into anyone else. I would go into a ramble right now about comparison (which by the way I have been basically free from for the past year, which feels SO amazing) but I’m saving that for a huge project that you’ll hopefully see one day. 
  • Life is short. Anything can happen. Always find joy.
  • Show loved ones appreciation. I mean, I think I’m all right with this but I want to show it like never before. I want to spoil my loved ones.
  • Remember – you don’t always have to have the answers when/if someone confides in you. Don’t feel bad that you literally don’t know what to say sometimes. Just be there for them.
  • Pray and get stuck into the Bible like never before. I recently got a new one and I LOVE IT.
  • KEEP BLOGGING. I started this for a reason.
  • Start illustration challenges, to keep drawing and be motivated.
  • Drink even more water. My water consumption improved SO much in 2016, so I want it to improve even more. Last year I was able to stop saying I hate water, haha.
  • Eat healthier and be more consistent with my workouts. Very cliché I know. Difference is – I’m actually doing this starting this week.
  • Always be positive. This isn’t always possible because life is life. This is more about processing things the right way, and letting positive vibes in and negative ones out (think I’ll be doing a post on this, this month).
  • Enjoy the year. It’ll go fast just like 2016 did.

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