Brilliant Boston

Yes! Nathan surprised me again, with a trip to Boston, for part of my birthday gift. How awesome?! We both love to travel and visit new places and we both hadn’t been to America for a long time, so this was a great surprise! This blog post is quite late because we went to Boston in December…at least it’s January haha – could have been much worse. I really want to blog waaaay more but I struggle sometimes with what to write about…need to buy a notebook for blog ideas…

We were on the plane for just under 8 hours (haven’t been on a flight that long in a while so my legs felt it!) I definitely recommend a few toilet breaks on flights like this, to really stretch your legs out. Thankfully, the flight was a bit shorter on the way back.

The first place we visited was called Lechmere (we went by the green line on their subway), which had a decent shopping centre. We did a bit of shopping there and had some not-so-healthy food…but it was good. They aren’t very imaginative when it comes to the names of the lines on the subway, and the names of the stops (not a diss just an observation, hehe). The green line was called…the Green Line. The stop at the airport was called…Airport. 

But we really started to have fun when we discovered Downtown Boston. In some ways it reminded me of New York (went there just over a decade ago) but it was more chilled, if that makes sense. The (many) shops were outside and…we shopped until we dropped, and had to go here twice to see all of them. I made sure I went to Bath and Body Works (I don’t think we have it in the UK) to pick things up for some friends and family (and myself, hehe). I loved the atmosphere in Downtown Boston – everyone we spoke to was friendly and helpful, and it wasn’t too crowded and annoying. 

We went to the Skywalk Observatory in the Prudential Center, saw the skyline and learned a lot about the history of Boston, and some famous people that were born there, or that studied there, e.g. Mark Zuckerberg (co-founder of Facebook).

Even though, at the time, it was MUCH colder than London, it was actually nice to not be on a beach for once, and actually learn things about where we were. Boston has some beautiful buildings by the way. I also think I mastered the Boston accent. They seemed to say Boston like “Bwoarrrrston.” That little tip, which was for free, only works if you have a British accent haha.

We visited the New England Aquarium and saw the best animals ever…penguins!

The beautiful sea, just outside the aquarium!

The time difference (they’re five hours behind) affected me quite a bit. I kept waking up REALLY early and falling asleep much earlier than usual. I really tried to fight it but failed every time. Looking back, it was probably a good thing that my body remained on London time; made it much easier coming home.

That’s pretty much it!

See my other posts on travelling >>here<<. I haven’t been able to document every single adventure but I shall try to do more of these. More adventures to come!



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