Good Vibes

Learning how to process life is extremely important. I think this is one of the main things that separate people that are always complaining, and people that seem to be more easy going. It’s not always down to personality; it’s actually possible to consciously control. It’s like having a filter installed in your brain.

This isn’t a post telling you to insensitively cut people off (although if someone is draining the life out of you, it’s best to stay distant). In my opinion, good vibes start from US. For me, the relationship I have with God puts things in perspective; knowing that this earth isn’t my final home, automatically makes me more of a positive person. So when things happen I can be like – “And?” 😀 Of course, I don’t find myself saying “And?” for everything I go through. Some things are very hard, but eventually I can smile because I believe God is going to sort everything out. 

Don’t allow little silly things to steal your joy. For those niggly things just ask yourself if it will matter in five years’ time. Usually, it won’t!



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