I know…it’s been a long time. BUT I’m back on a schedule (I won’t say what the schedule is just in case, but hopefully you’ll figure out what it is, hehe). It’s kind of sad to know that there’s now a gap in my blog archives; there are no Feb 2017 posts 😦 But I just had to take a real break. Besides, I had no ideas anyway haha…

I’ve added a new category. Interiors! Now, if you follow me on >> Pinterest << (plug plug plug), then you’ll know that I’ve really been getting into interiors.

When I was younger I wanted to be an Interior Designer and I just love seeing pictures of ‘perfect’ homes with subtle themes. In my opinion it still has to have a homely feel to appeal to me. I think my interior style is basically Scandinavian – minimalism but with splashes of colour, textures and clean-looking (bases of white) and I love how a room looks with plants dotted around (mainly cacti and succulents).

I’m excited to share future posts on this, and to show bits of my own interiors and personal style 🙂 Stay tuned! In one of my next posts this month, I’ll be discussing how much a house in order can change your state of mind


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