Courage To Let Go

This is a huge life lesson, and one that doesn’t happen just like that; it takes time, and it takes courage. I’m not going to ramble on – just thought I would add a new post to encourage you all. Let go, and let God. 



The air is much cleaner up here
Up here there is no need to fear

Birds swoop down to steal peace
Tell me – will this ever cease?

Despite being here there’s a long way to go
It won’t ever be over until I am home

But the view is more pleasant up here
Up here I see everything quite clear

His will is greater than the vast sky
His will is perfect for you and I

Looking down I begin to feel queasy
But this lifelong climb wasn’t set to be easy

Hanging on with all my might
“Remember – this is not your fight.”

I will cling to this mountaintop.

Mountaintop = my metaphor for being closer to God.


Waves crash over me in every direction
So much so that it’s hard to pay attention

Is it possible to drown but still be alive?
If Heaven was a river, I would dive

Because I know that means eternal peace
And I know it means I’ll be in one piece

I try to speak but the water chokes me
I need to cry but the current coats me

I can see the shore but it grows smaller
All my fears are growing taller

My fist is briefly seen as I try to fight
The strong current blinding my sight

God are you there?

He got me out before – He will do it again.

He is my Lifeguard.

100% True

I love this quote for two reasons. It’s written by one of my favourite authors AND it’s 100% true. Reactions can be incredibly life changing. Sometimes we can’t always control the way we react, especially when something drastic happens. I can’t really ramble on, because the quote says it all. From now on I’m going to do my best to ensure that the 90% reaction includes what God says about whatever I’m going through.

FYI: I’m not active on social media at the moment (apart from this blog and Pinterest) and let me tell you – it feels great. I don’t know when…or if I’m going to pick it up again but…I am doing my best to keep my blog alive, even though I’ve currently done one post per month. Please bear with me – I’m currently working on that 90%.


I know…it’s been a long time. BUT I’m back on a schedule (I won’t say what the schedule is just in case, but hopefully you’ll figure out what it is, hehe). It’s kind of sad to know that there’s now a gap in my blog archives; there are no Feb 2017 posts 😦 But I just had to take a real break. Besides, I had no ideas anyway haha…

I’ve added a new category. Interiors! Now, if you follow me on >> Pinterest << (plug plug plug), then you’ll know that I’ve really been getting into interiors.

When I was younger I wanted to be an Interior Designer and I just love seeing pictures of ‘perfect’ homes with subtle themes. In my opinion it still has to have a homely feel to appeal to me. I think my interior style is basically Scandinavian – minimalism but with splashes of colour, textures and clean-looking (bases of white) and I love how a room looks with plants dotted around (mainly cacti and succulents).

I’m excited to share future posts on this, and to show bits of my own interiors and personal style 🙂 Stay tuned! In one of my next posts this month, I’ll be discussing how much a house in order can change your state of mind